Cairns Indigenous Art Fair 2016 will kick off with Opening Night Party


The opening party of the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair (CIAF) 2016 will be held under open sky at the Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal from the evening of July 14 through July 17. The opening night party is a feast of visual and cultural performances that gives the guests a glimpse of Cultural Bliss – the curated art exhibition of the famous annual event.

Music and dance performances entertain the guests at the opening party. The members of Pormpuraaw community will show a dance performance featuring their handmade giant crocodile made from ghost nets by community artists. The giant reptile will be one of the main features of the CIAF 2016 event. Music legends Vic Simms, Roger Knox, and Buddy Knox will headline the musical performances.


Photo Credit: CIAF

The CIAF will be held for three days where hundreds of guests will get to enjoy the art and culture of the people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Queensland. Famous Curator Hetti Perkins and Artistic Director Janina Harding curated the Cultural Bliss – an art exhibition that showcases the happiness of the people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander.

In a press release from Cairns Indigenous Art Fair, Harding said that the art exhibition would show people how inspiration had been drawn from family, community, land, and culture.

Over 35 curators and collectors from around the country and across the world will join the CIAF 2016 under the CIAF Collectors and Curators program. They will enjoy the artworks, interact with the artists, and have the chance to purchase those art pieces.

Last year, a record number of 50,000 visitors attended the Art Fair. The organisers hope that the number will be even bigger this year with the additions of CIAF Art Market for non-curated artists and a fashion showcase performance.


Photo Credit: Cairns Indigenous Art Fair

The Cairns Indigenous Art Fair celebrates the fashion, performance, art, music, and culture of Queensland’s indigenous communities. The Queensland Government sponsors this event though a couple of their institutions.

You can buy the tickets to the Opening Night party directly from the CIAF website

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