Tourism Australia and Air New Zealand extend commercial relationship with a new agreement


The commercial relationship between Tourism Australia and Air New Zealand has become even stronger! The two companies have recently signed a new agreement. The aim of the new AUS$1.5 million worth agreement is to promote Australian tourism in the markets where Air New Zealand runs its operations.

The agreement requires both the parties to invest maximum AUS$750,000 each over the period of the next 12 months, which will be spent for sponsorship and joint marketing activities. The new agreement is basically an extension of an existing deal where two parties jointly carried out a handful of successful campaigns.


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John O’Sullivan, the Managing Director of Tourism Australia, said that their main target under the new agreement would be the United States, which is currently the fourth biggest inbound tourism market for Australia. Australia has been enjoying a large number of international traffic from North America and a great part of this surge, according to Mr O’Sullivan, stemmed from some successful targeted marketing activities jointly carried out by both the companies. Mr O’Sullivan also thought that their partnership with New Zealand’s national airline had given them a strong platform to grow their inbound tourism market into a bigger one.

Both the companies have been working together over the last three years to promote Australia’s regional destinations and capital cities. The campaigns were mainly digitally focused and put emphasis on the best coastal and aquatic thrills that Australia can offer. Plus, annual arrivals from the USA to Australia has significantly increased due to few changes brought by Air New Zealand – increasing capacity, competitive airfares, and award-winning product.


Photo Credit: Tourism Australia

The new marketing activities in the years 2016/17 under the new agreement will carry out the messages launched by Tourism Australia’s hugely successful campaign There’s Nothing like Australia.

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