Velocity and BP customers can use flyer points for fuel purchase


Great news for the members of the Velocity Frequent Flyer and BP Australia! The companies jointly announced on July 5 about a new program – Pay with Points – which will allow BP customers to pay with Velocity Points at the point of sale!

Such an initiative is first of its kind to be launched in Australia, which has actually revolutionised the way members use their flyer points. The BP customers, who have enough flyer points, will be able to redeem between $10 and $60 while purchasing fuel from BP service stations.

Velocity is an international frequent flyer program and a concern of the Virgin Australia group of airlines. The new initiative is the result of Virgin Australia’s extended partnership with BP Australia. It’s the first time for any Australian airline to let its loyalty program members to use their points as actual currency.

The new Pay with Points program will allow Australians to reduce their household fuel expense, which is currently almost $60 per week.


Photo Credit: Flight Centre

Adam Arnold, the General Manager, Marketing & Offer Development of BP Australia, thought that the new program would reshape the Australians’ thinking on refuelling options. He thanked Velocity Frequent Flyer for offering their partnership in such an initiative that will bring real benefits in the daily life of their customers.

Karl Schuster, the CEO of Velocity Frequent Flyer, said that the transformation of Velocity Points into a form of currency would be a game changer for the members of Virgin Australia’s flyer point program. He revealed that approximately one million people had used their Velocity card at BP stations since the beginning of their partnership in April 2015. He hoped that the new initiative would strengthen their partnership and bring huge change to the life of those members who drive much more than they fly.


Photo Credit: Virgin Australia Airlines

Customers can start using their Velocity cards at selected BP stores from next week. They have to visit the Velocity Frequent Flyer website and create a 4-digit PIN to activate the card. The system will be gradually rolled out in other BP stores across Australia in the coming months

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