Heineken to serve draught beer to KLM passengers


The competition is really fierce among beer companies and you always have to go one step further to stay ahead of the game. Heineken that already claims to ‘refresh the parts that other beers cannot reach’ has taken the risk of going that ‘one step’ further. The Dutch brewing company is to become the first brewery to offer draught beer to guests when they are flying at 35,000 feet!

In a partnership with KLM, the flag carrier airline of the Netherlands, Heineken is going to introduce ‘mile high pub’ on the KLM flights. It will be launched on a test purpose on intercontinental services in August. Both the companies have worked together for years to develop a beer keg and dispenser functioning at high altitude.


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Heineken’s Edwin Griffioen said that traditional beer tab would dispense only foam in an airplane where the air pressure is much lower in comparison to sea level. However, the air pressure-proof dispensers developed by them were too big to fit in a plane. So, they at last had to leave the cooling system behind for lack of space.

However, the draught beer is not the first luxurious item that people can enjoy while flying at 35,000 feet. Emirates was the first airline to offer its guests a mid-flight shower in 2008. They also offered lounges for first and business class passengers where flyers can socialize with each other while enjoying first-class drinks and canapés. Emirates also brought the luxury of private suites for their Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 passengers.


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Etihad Airways has recently introduced the facility of ‘flying nanny’ for those families flying with small children. Besides, many airlines including Virgin Atlantic introduce in-flight massages offering services like exfoliation, manicures, and facemasks.

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