Cairn Amateurs Carnival launches artwork campaign with brand new imagery


The Carlton Mid Cairns Amateurs Carnival has lifted the curtain on its brand new imagery! This time, the astounding tropical environment of the Great Barrier Reef and the festive lifestyle highlighting the iconic annual racing event has greatly influenced the design of the brand image.

The Carnival threw its first free members-only cocktail party on Thursday, July 7, to officially launch the contemporary artwork campaign. The cocktail party held on the Sister Cities Lawn of Cairns Esplanade did inaugurate the 2016 season, which is celebrating the theme “Racing on the Great Barrier Reef” this year, in a splendid style!

The new imagery articulates a bold take on the breathtaking natural beauty and colourful ambience of the iconic Reef. It displays an intrepid design where tropical fish, coral, sea, and sky in bright colours beautifully complement a stunning race horse.

Cairns Amateurs Carnival

Photo Credit: Cairns Amateurs

Graham Thornton, the CEO of Cairns Amateurs Carnival, said that they tried to present a complete review of the full racing program through the new artwork. He added that another goal of their new campaign is to establish the event as a fundamental part to the identity of the region.

Mr Thornton added that they wanted to project a contemporary version of the Carnival that truly represents the essence of the tropical region. He believed that their new artwork becomes successful in capturing the true festive vibe of the Carnival and promoting the Reef and the stunning natural environments surrounding it.

Alex de Waal, the CEO of Tourism Tropical North Queensland, felt proud in supporting an event like the Cairns Amateurs Carnival that not only attracts visitors and boosts the economy of the region but also promotes Tropical North Queensland’s status at the international level as a great tourism destination. Mr de Waal said that people would come to the region for enjoying the racing and various carnival events but would stay longer for discovering various Queensland attractions, especially the Great Barrier Reef, thus helping toward the economic development of the region.


Photo Credit: Cairns Amateurs Racing Carnival

The Cairns Amateurs Carnival 2016 will be held at Cannon Park Race Course, Cairns, from September 8-10. For buying tickets and more information, visit

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