The deepest swimming pool in the world launched with thermal water


If you love deep diving, Y-40 or The Deep Joy is definitely going to amaze you! Well, it’s not any pristine deep diving spot popular among those who just love to get their adrenaline going but a man-made swimming pool! Yes, you’ve heard it right.

Y-40, the indoor swimming pool in Hotel Millepini Terme, Venice, is currently the deepest swimming pool in the world. It has various ranges of depths and the deepest range is 40m. Unlike deep water diving, you don’t have to wear special wetsuit because the temperature of the pool is kept between of 32 to 34C. So, a normal swimming costume will be enough to dive into that amazing pool.

Sponsored by the Boaretto Group Hotel & Resort, well-known architect Emanuele Boaretto designed the indoor pool that was officially opened in 2014. Previously, the Nemo 33 in Brussels, Belgium, was the deepest swimming pool in the world with a maximum depth of 34.4m. However, now Y-40 holds the Guinness World Records for the deepest swimming pool in the world.


Photo Credit: Travel via Italy

According an article published on, the pool features four underwater caves and a range of underwater activities. It also has ledges and underwater glass viewing panels for those who just want to enjoy the underwater views without getting wet. The pool is suitable for dive training, leisure dives, and underwater photo shoots.

Rino Sgorbani, an Italian underwater photographer, took a dive into the pool and shared the unique experience later. He told that the shallower surface is nothing different from a normal pool but the deepest part feels like taking a plunge into the real depth of a sea except the water is still warmer.


Photo Credit: Millepini

Mr Emanuele said that Y-40 is the only pool that has thermal water at such a depth. He also added that the goals of initiating such as project were to create new job opportunities and improving the economic condition of the region.

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