JFK airport evacuated after reports of possible gunfire


Reports of gunfire led to a mass evacuation at the JFK airport in New York. However, police did not find any trace of gunfire and concluded that a crowd watching the Rio Olympics on TV was probably responsible for that noise.

The NBC News reported by quoting a senior law enforcement official that a woman coming off a plane reported of hearing sound of gunfire near the departure area. However, the official thought that she might have confused the noise of banging, clapping, and cheering from people watching the Olympic Games on TV with the sound of gunshots.

Police received the report of possible gunfire at around 9.30pm local time. They rang the alarm through Terminal 8 to Terminal 1 and then evacuated Terminal 8. However, the Port Authority police did not find any firearms or any trace of gunfire being shot. Plus, no one was reported injured and they did not make any arrests since the time of this report being written.


Photo Credit: Sydney Morning Herald

However, after the initial report of gunfire near the departure area, police received additional reports of gunfire in Terminal 1. They closed that terminal as a response and called in an Emergency Service Unit of the New York Police Department to assist them.

Harry Wedin, the Special Operations Division Chief of NYPD, wrote on Twitter that their unit had searched and cleared all the terminals at around 12.30am local time. He added that they found no trace of shots being fired.

All the terminals were supposed to resume their operations short after being cleared of any danger.


Photo Credit: BBC

People who were at those terminals at that time took to social media to publish images and video of the evacuation procedure. One man named Bryan Liston was at Terminal 8 at that time. He used Facebook Live to stream the evacuation and said that police did not allow them to even collect their luggage.

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