Get Hawaii under your fingertip with the new GoHawaii app


Hawaii is about outdoor activities and who wouldn’t be happy to have safer to enjoy all these fun? Well, the State of Hawaii has come to your help and produced a travel app the visitors with authentic, rich information about different destinations.

The travel destination app named GoHawaii offers vital travel information and tips about each of the six major Hawaiian Islands – Maui, Kaua’i, L?na’i, O’ahu, and the Island of Hawaii. It can be called as a one-stop-shop for every necessary information about Hawaii.

Kerri Anderson, the Country Manager of Hawaii Tourism Oceania, said that the app would make travelling around the Hawaiian Islands much easier and safer for the travellers. It has information about weather conditions, hiking facilities, and advice for ocean activities. The availability of travel and safety information under the fingertip of visitors would allow them enjoy Hawaii’s wide variety of sites, cultural event, and festivals, and experience the thrilling activities in a relaxed mood, said Ms Anderson.


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The app features a listing of important phone numbers and websites in Hawaii so that travellers get quick help, information, and assistance when needed.

The GoHawaii app is also fun to use as it features a number of Hawaii-inspired emojis called ‘Locomoji’ that can be shared with family and friends. The symbols included in the feature such aloha shirt, shave ice, ukulele, and many more are mainly images of the things that represent Hawaii.

The Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) has brought this app with the goal of supporting tourism of this region along with making the travelling experience easier and fun for the visitors. The app is totally free and available in six languages – Chinese traditional, Chinese simplified, Korean, Japanese, German, and English.


Photo Credit: Travel Week

Download the GoHawaii app from Apple iTunes Store or Google Play Store. The HTA also released a video about the app that you can see here.

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