Shoalhaven Tourism officially launches Nowra Visitor Information Centre


The Shoalhaven Tourism has opened a visitor information centre in Nowra in response to the substantial growth of visitors in the region. Located in Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre, the official opening of the Nowra Visitor Information Centre took place on August 19.

The centre is multi-functional in nature that will help visitors by providing important travel information as well as encouraging them to spend more money and time in the region. The opening ceremony was fun and entertaining with lots of family-friendly activities and thousands of giveaways.

The Shoalhaven Tourism recently conducted a survey among local businesses relying on tourists where the businesses made a request of increasing face-to-face interaction between tourism staff and tourism operators as well as the businesses themselves. The new information centre will facilitate the interaction between staff and visitors along with helping the tourists to connect easily with the businesses and tourism operators. It features digital touchscreen information kiosks that will provide information to the visitors when and how they want it.


Photo Credit: Shoalhaven Tourism

A total of 3.1 million visitors visited the region during the year ending March 2016, nearly 11% up compared to the last year, according to a report published by the National and International Visitors Surveys1. This report had a significant role behind the decision of establishing an information centre in Nowra.

Coralie Bell, the Manager of Shoalhaven Tourism, said that the main target of building this tourism centre was to create a great and memorable holiday experience for the visitors in Shoalhaven by providing them their required information in their desired format. They want the local operators and businesses to get the maximum exposure for strong growth of the local tourism industry.


Photo Credit: Shoalhaven Tourism

Lynn Locke, the Advisory Group Chairman of Shoalhaven Tourism, said that they want the increase of visitor engagement with the operators along with seeing people staying in the region for a longer time. She hoped that the information centre would be an important agent in increasing the region’s visitor economy.

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