New website offers one-stop experience for all action sports and adventure travel


Think of a single place where you can book tickets for and get all the information about all types of action sports and adventure festivals happening around the world! Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, has brought this service for all the people that love thrilling activities.

Thrill-seekers around the world face one common problem – lack of information about sports and events of their choice. Rad Season came to the scenario with a solution to this problem – launching a single platform where you can search for information about events, book tickets, and even reserve accommodation and trips to the destinations of world’s best adventure events and sports.


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You can customize your searches according to type of events, location, and date. Plus, you can search for guides on the easiest and most convenient travel routes to and from the destinations. The website also offers the options of reviewing the events and connecting with the like-minded adventurers. In addition, you can be a member of their community that brings together all the action sports and adventure-loving people from around the world.

Founded in April 2016, the concept of the website originated when Oli Russell-Cowan, the founder of Rad Season, was trekking around Latin America. He found it difficult to get information about rad and cool events going on in the region. So, he started working toward building a single platform to bring together all the rad-minded people.


Photo Credit: Rad Season

Before the launching of Rad Season on August 23, it was difficult for adventure-loving people to get detailed and proper information about particular events and sports. However, now they can not only get information about an event beforehand but also work out all the details of their trips from the same platform.

Rad Season will give the users a seamless experience of planning for all the rad adventure sports and events across the world.

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