A record number of new buyers to join Luxperience 2016


A boom in the buyer registration is going to present Luxperience with its most successful event so far! The travel trade show is going to arrange its fifth event this year and the record number of entries in the registration hints that it is heading for its most successful event ever!

The fifth Luxperience event will be held in less than a month, from 18-21 September, in the conference centre Australian Technology Park in Eveleigh, New South Wales. A huge number of elite travel buyers will join the event and have the chance to interact with the leading luxury and experiential advocates of the travel industry.

The event this year is significant particularly because of the registrations of an amazing number of first-time buyers. Compared to the last year, the overall buyer registrations increased 20% while the number of first-time buyers increased 60%! In addition, the event will feature a strong presence from elite buyer association.


Photo Credit: Luxperience

Most of these first-timers have not even been Australia before! This is probably where Luxperience is the most effective as it has been able to tap into a new pool of buyers with its networking and educational opportunity.

Luxperience is also successful in increasing the pool of its existing buyers. Traveller Made, a leading international buyers group that joined the last year’s event, is going to send more than 25 agents to attend the event this year because of the amazing experience it had last year. Many experienced affiliates will also increase their presence in Luxperience 2016.

Luxperience’s Director of Marketing and Buyer Relations, Michelle Papas, said that this year’s event would feature exclusive personal development seminars in an effort to help their buyers growing their business.


Photo Credit: Luxperience

Many big names including Anne Biging, Annabelle Smith, and Henry Weinreich will join this year’s event. Visit Luxperience website to get more information about the program.

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