Four Seasons Hotel Sydney to renovate Executive Club into a deluxe lounge


Four Seasons Hotel Sydney has announced to close down its Executive Club and transforming it into a luxury retreat for guests who love to unwind with a glass of fine wine while overlooking the waters of Sydney Harbour.

Located in The Rocks, the iconic Sydney hotel has decided to shut down its Executive Club from September 25, 2016, and renovate it to a deluxe residential-style retreat. With the goal of transforming the exclusive level 32 venue into the most trendy and upscale lounge in Sydney, the club will be reopened in December 2016 after the large-scale renovation work.

Miriam Fanning, the award-winning Australian designer, is supervising the project on behalf of Mim Design. The history of the hotel and the lovely harbourside location will play a big part in the redesign of the club.


Photo Credit: Four Seasons

According to a press release from Four Seasons Hotel Sydney, the roomy new lounge will exude elegance, splendour, and tranquillity with is private entrance, magnificent furnishings, and bay window seating. The lounge will also feature contemporary artworks by Australian artists, charming design details, and luxurious furnishings. The lounge will be painted with inky blues and soft grey, drawing the colour inspirations from the waters of Sydney Harbour and the sails of Sydney Opera House. There will be a dining area serving locally sourced seasonal produce and an open bar serving a selection of fine Australian wines.

Rudolf van Dijk, the General Manager of Four Seasons Hotel Sydney, hoped that the guests would be entertained with more facilities for relaxing with style after the completion of the enhancement project. He also hoped that the renovated lounge coupled with the hotel’s renowned personalised service and exclusive privileges would appeal to both business and leisure travellers.


Photo Credit: Four Seasons Hotel Sydney

Guests will be offered special privileges all through their stay in the hotel during the renovation, as they won’t have the lounge facilities.

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