Anonymous Airbnb host claims filming secret sex videos of guests


An appalling admission from an Airbnb host left the internet users, especially the Airbnb guests, shocked and upset. An anonymous host claimed to take secret sex videos of guests by using hidden cameras and then sharing the tapes with other Airbnb hosts.

The anonymous host confessed via PostSecret, a secret-sharing website, which has since then become viral in social media. The website moderators shared the post on their Facebook Page and it quickly became the most talked about secret of the week with over 1,000 shares.

There is no way to verify such a claim but its shocking nature has drawn the attention of millions of travellers who have unwavering trust on Airbnb service. An Airbnb host, Jen Hunter, commented on that Facebook post that for two years, she had been doing her best to treat the guests with kindness and respect. Another Airbnb host Natalie Boone Minervino criticised those sleazy hosts and wrote that those landlords are ruining the efforts of other hosts who genuinely want their clients to be happy and safe.


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Airbnb, an online marketplace for listing and finding rental vacation homes, has a listing of more than 1.5 million properties across the world. Such a horrible scandal can severely damage its reputation. In fact, many people have already suspected it and questioned the legitimacy of the claim on PostSecret. They said that the claim could be completely made up and could be the work of a rival business trying to defame Airbnb.

However, dealing with sleazy scandal is not something new for the company. An incident last month left a host upset when her guest shot a porn movie in her house and trashed it in the process. The host Sharon Marzouk rented her luxury Silicon Valley pad via Airbnb but had it returned with more than $1000 worth of damage. She said that the renter used her bathroom as a business to take photos of herself.


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Airbnb removed that alleged guest from their platform saying that they have a zero tolerance policy for such kind of irresponsible behaviour.

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