New shocking footage of Carnival Vista causing havoc in Italian port emerges


A new footage of Carnival Vista causing damage in an Italian port has emerged showing the incident from another perspective. It shows how the cruise ship caused a ‘mini tsunami’ when sailing out of the port and damaged the marina.

CCTV footage emerged earlier showing Carnival Vista creating havoc while leaving the port of Messina, Sicily, on last Sunday. The new video has been captured from a different angle showing how a quiet marina has been destroyed by the waves created by the ship’s propellers.


Photo Credit: Foxla first published the new video shot by someone on board the cruise ship. The man filming the video was literally concerned for small boats moored close to the jetty. It shows a powerful wash from the 1,062ft-long and 134,000-ton cruise ship’s propellers creates high waves that smash into the ships docked in the marina.

The high waves flooded small boats, ripped pontoons from their moorings, and dragged a couple of pleasure boats underwater. Marina del Nettuno has space for 160 vessels and hosts a seafood restaurant. The incident caused it almost $400,000 in damages.

However, the good news is no one was injured, as the boats moored in the marina were unmanned at the time.


Photo Credit: Cruise Fever

Carnival Vista is the newest and largest addition to the fleet line of Carnival Cruise Line, an American/British-owned cruise line based in Miami. The vessel can accommodate nearly 4,000 guests. It has a water park, an IMAX movie theatre, and many more entertainment facilities.

The cruise line has not yet released any statement regarding why the ship sailed so close to the marina. The port authority started an investigation about the accident.

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