Three Aussie airlines ban Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in flights


Following the incidents of battery explosion of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, three Australian airlines prohibited passengers from using or charging the phone while on board.

Virgin Australia, Jetstar, and Qantas imposed the ban after Samsung recalled all the phones from market. Couple of explosion incidents happened and injuries took place due to the smartphones, which were released just a month ago. The latest incident happened on Monday, September 12, in New York where the phone exploded in the hands of a 6-year-old boy and burned him.

Virgin Australia and Qantas released almost similar statements saying that they asked the guests not to switch on or charge their Note 7 during on board fights.


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Samsung made a full recall for all Galaxy Note 7s, because the battery of every single device has the risk of being exploded or catching fire unexpectedly. On Monday, Samsung Australia also recalled 51,060 Galaxy Note 7s. One report of explosion came from Australia where the device exploded in a Perth hotel next to its sleeping owner.

The airlines imposed the ban following an incident happened in a Qantas flight from Sydney to Texas in May this year. A mobile phone sparked fire after being crushed by the moving mechanism of a reclining seat.

The Australian Transit Safety Bureau investigated the incident and recently released the investigation report stating that the electronic device that sparked fire contained a lithium battery.


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Lithium-ion batteries tend to combust and short-circuit when under pressure. In fact, the batteries caused dozens of aircraft fire incidents including a short-circuiting accident in a flight of Fiji Airways in 2014.

A Qantas spokesperson told the Telegraph that they are asking passengers to keep their phones close and seek the help of crewmembers if they lose it down the side. The person added that their crew are trained to handle such incidents of explosion and firebreak.

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