VisitBritain launches a major campaign in Australia to lure more travellers to UK


VisitBritain has planned something big for the Australian visitors in the UK. The first step towards that mission was to organise a major marketing campaign in Australia.

It has become five years since Britain’s national tourism organisation ran a marketing campaign in Australia. However, it ultimately could not ignore the growing number of outbound Australian visitors to the UK.

The £1.6m #OMGB (Oh My Great Britain) ‘Home of Amazing Moments’ campaign is supposed to run for six weeks after its opening on September 5. It will showcase the unique and amazing moments tourists experienced in the UK across different Australian locations. The distinctive part of this campaign is that all the images used there are real photos capturing fun and thrilling activities and experiences visitors had in different location across the UK.


Photo Credit: VisitBritain

David Nye, VisitBritain’s Australian Country Manager, said that the kind of activities available in Britain is hard to find in anywhere else in the world. Pointing out the cultural and natural diversity of the country, he said that visitors could easily find their own unique moments there.

The campaign encourages people to visit the OMGB page of the VisitBritain website and see wonderful photos and itineraries displaying some breathtaking moments across the country. People can also upload their own images of great experiences they had during their trips to Britain.

More than 1 million Aussies visit the UK each year, making the country a market worth of £1 billion. So, the tourism organisation is trying to capture that market with such promotional and marketing campaigns. It has already started working with airlines and the travel industry so that Aussie travellers face no problem in booking their #OMGB tours.


Photo Credit: VisitBritain

The UK Government has recently taken initiatives to market the country’s tourism, study, and business prospects to the rest of the world. The #OMGB campaign is a part of that global GREAT Britain campaign that will be working to concrete Britain’s position as one of the most attractive destinations in the world.

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