People are unhappy about the bad repair work of the Great Wall of China


The Great Wall of China, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the world, is popularly believed to be the only worldly structure that is visible from space. So, it’s natural that anything that depreciates its beauty will draw criticism and irk the public.

A local government in China is currently feeling the heat for doing a very bad restoration work on a part of the Wall. A 700-year-old stretch of the Wall had fallen into disrepair and was closed for the public. The Cultural Relics Bureau of Suizhong County ordered the repair of that part but it was just hidden in a smooth, white trail of cement.

By the look of the restoration work done near the border of Liaoning and Hebei province, it seems that a load of cement was just dumped on the Wall.


Photo Credit: CNN

The repair work was carried out in 2014 but the photos surfaced on Weibo, the Chinese social media. Since then, the photos have become viral and people took to social media to express their discontent and anger. Someone even quipped that Venus de Milo would get a new arm if she were in China.

The Deputy Director of the Great Wall of China Society, Dong Yaohui, said that the repair job was done very badly. He said that the restorations damaged the original look and stashed the iconic monument’s original features under loads of cement.

Mr Yaohui said that the end result got messy though the local government genuinely wanted to repair the Wall. According to him, it showed the Chinese Government the importance of deeply monitoring and regulating any work carried out on the site.


Photo Credit: Emaze

Measuring a huge 21,196km, the Great Wall of China stretches from Hebei province in the east to Gansu province to the west. It is the longest human construction in the world. The Walls is listed in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites and draws millions of tourists each year.

The Ming-era structure has already suffered a substantial damage due to adverse natural conditions and reckless visitor activities. As a result, the Chinese Government introduced strict rules under the Great Wall Protection Ordinance in 2006 for any kind of development work in any tourist destinations.

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