Direct Singapore Airlines flight lands in Canberra


A new flight from Singapore to Canberra could significantly influence the visitor economy of the country’s capital. The inaugural flight – Flight 291 of Singapore Airlines – has already touched down the tarmac of Canberra Airport on Wednesday, September 21.

The Capital Express route of Singapore Airlines will fly between Singapore, Canberra, and Wellington – the capital of New Zealand – four times a week. The officials are excited about its possible game-changing effect on the region’s economy. Ian Hill, the Executive Director of VisitCanberra and Cultural Canberra, welcomed the new service and hoped that the flights would benefit the people living in the region both financially and socially. He congratulated both Canberra Airport Group and Singapore Airlines for giving tourists an easier access to Canberra.

Currently, approximately 900,000 people live in the region and Mr Hill hoped that people working in every sector including tourism, education, trade, investment, and others would be the benefactors of the new service.


Photo Credit: Canberra Airport

According to Mr Hill, the inauguration of direct flights from Singapore and Wellington to Canberra is likely to open up new markets. Canberra’s tourism that mainly depended on domestic visitors in the past is now going to have an increased number of inbound tourists from Asia and Europe.

John O’Sullivan, the Managing Director of Tourism Australia, also welcomed the new service. Calling it a historic moment for Canberra, he hoped that the direct flights would give the capital city the much needed boost it needs to display its full potential to the interested visitors.

Mr O’Sullivan congratulated both Canberra Airport and VisitCanberra for their hard work in improving the tourism sector of the region. Tourism Australia is also doing its part as it has already started promoting the new flight service in Europe and Asia.


Photo Credit: VisitCanberra

Mr O’Sullivan said that the new service of Singapore Airlines, which has already been doing business with Tourism Australia for a long time, is another step on the part of the airline company towards their growing commitment to Australia.

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