More than thousand Concorde parts to be sold at auction


Has any aircraft had ever been able to create that much buzz as Concorde? It’s the most iconic passenger jet to ever grace the skies. Monday, September 26, marked 43 years since the aircraft made is first trans-Atlantic flight in a record-breaking time.

A French auction house is going to auction more than thousand rare parts of that aircraft in November, offering an interesting and closer look at the historic jet. Enthusiast collectors will have the chance to purchase almost any part of the aircraft – flight instruments, tyres, headphones, menus, cutleries, and even toilet seats.

The supersonic jet cruised at more than twice the speed of sound and its landing speed was 187 mph. It could reach to a height of more than 11 miles in the sky, allowing the passengers to see the curvature of the Earth. It could carry a hundred passengers with nine crewmembers.


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The aircraft is also known for its super-luxurious amenities. It carried famous singers, musicians, actors, and even the Queen as its passengers. It also used to transport precious cargo including currency, diamonds, and human organs.

Concorde crashed in 2000 just a few minutes after taking off. All 109 people on board and four ground crews were killed in that fatal crash, which was the only accident in its 27 years of operation. It continued its operation until 2003.

The auction will take place at the Hôtel des Ventes Saint-Aubin in Toulouse, France, from November 3-5, 2016. Toulouse auctioneer Marc Labarbe will preside over the sale. All the items will on exhibition at the hotel from October 22-30.


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The price range of the lots is expected to be between Euro 15 and Euro 7,000. Aviation enthusiasts can visit the where the lots have been listed.

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