China’s glass-bottomed bridge to reopen after upgrades


China is set to reopen its glass bridge in Zhangjiajie, Hunan province. The authority was forced to close the glass-bottomed bridge after just two weeks of opening due to overwhelming number of visitors.

Stretching 430m over Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, the longest and highest glass-bottomed bridge in the world drew huge attention from a vast number of visitors. After its opening in August this year, almost 8,000 people visited it per day, which was 10 times its load capacity. Unable to handle the load, the authority closed the bridge on September 2, leaving many to speculate about the safety of the bridge.

However, a report quoted a Chinese official saying that there is no problem with the structure. Chinese newspaper The People’s Daily also reported the same and wrote that the officials were ready to reopen the bridge.


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The bridge management committee’s spokesman, Luo Kewen, said that they shut down the bridge in order to upgrade its facilities so that it could handle the vast number of visitors. Another reason behind the closure was to prepare the bridge for welcoming the visitors attending an international sales conference and an international tourism festival in Zhangjiajie.

The bridge went through a couple of hardware upgrades including expanding the car parking and developing other support facilities. The online booking system for visiting the bridge also underwent upgradation, allowing visitors to purchase tickets for a particular date.

Mr Kewen said that with influx of visitors flooding the place on a regular basis, it was impossible to do all those upgrades without shutting down the bridge.

The bridge was supposed to reopen on September 28 and tickets went on sale from 10am on Tuesday, September 27.


Photo Credit: CNN

The 430-metre long bridge is 6-metre wide and has 99 panes of triple-layer transparent glasses. It hangs between two steep cliffs at 300 meters above the ground, offering breathtaking views of the canyon floor below.

Despite speculations about its safety issues, no accident has yet happened in the bridge.

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