Qantas officially becomes an OzHarvest food donor


After rewarding their passengers with a partnership with Airbnb, Qantas seems to make their mark in social service too. Australia’s leading airline carrier has signed up as an ongoing food donor of OzHarvest, the leading food rescue organisation in the country.

Qantas had been working with OzHarevst on a trial basis for the past one year. During that period, they became able to donate 35 tonnes of food to people in need. The success of that trial programme encouraged the airline company to officially become a food donor of OzHarvest.

A group of Food “ResQ” volunteers and a team of Qantas worked together to collect and process the untouched food items at Qantas catering centres in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. The OzHarvest vans then collected the food items and delivered to several welfare organisations.


Photo Credit: OzHarvest

The food collected from Qantas domestic flights includes fruits and unopened food items. These food items are delivered to schoolchildren and welfare foundations such as Youth Centres, ESL Schools, Street Van Programs, Woman Refuge Centres, and more.

Qantas Freight and Qantas Catering Group’s Executive Manager, Alison Webster, said that they had become able to help thousands of people with that Food “ResQ’ programme. According to her, the rescued food not only protects the environment but also helps fighting hunger by feeding the less fortunate. Ms Webster also praised the volunteers who have been working hard to salvage edible food for people in need.


Photo Credit: Qantas

Ronni Kahn, the CEO and founder of OzHarvest, thanked those 2,000 food donors around the country that supply them edible food items to help a large number of men, women, and children. He also said that the food boxes collected from Qantas domestic flights have been making a real difference in fighting the food waste in Australia.

OzHarvest has been working to reduce Australia’s food waste by 50% by 2015 and Mr Kahn thinks that their collaboration with all the food donors is a big step towards that commitment.

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