IndiGo announces children-free ‘Quiet Zone’ on planes


India’s largest passenger-carrying airline IndiGo has introduced “child-free” zones in their aircrafts. Labelled as “Quiet Zones”, the seats in these zones will be reserved for passengers more than 12 years of age.

Located within the premium seats of the airline, the business travellers are likely to be the primary users of these Quiet Zones. A statement released by the company indicates that IndiGo flights will keep the row numbers one to four and 11 to 14 as a Quiet Zones. It has also barred children from seating in seats with additional legroom such as the emergency exit rows.

According to the statement, the airline always looks after the comfort and convenience of all of their passengers. So, they think that business travellers will appreciate a Quiet Zone where they can do their work undisturbed.


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Many people sounded excited with the announcement, as the Twitter was flooded with #ChildFreeFlights hashtags. Many frequent flyers hoped that other airlines would also follow IndiGo.

Some parents were disappointed though saying that it’s discriminating against people travelling with children because they can’t ask for seats with more leg space. However, the number of people supporting quiet, child-free zones in flights seems to outweigh the dissenters right now.

IndiGo is not the first airline to introduce quiet zones on planes. Malaysian Airlines had long banned infants in their first class seats. Scoot and AirAsia X also followed their step in recent years.


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In 2013, Scoot announced a section behind their business class seats as a child-free zone. However, Campbell Wilson, the CEO of Scoot, said at that time that they took the decision not to offend passengers travelling with children because they still have the rest of the plane to choose from.

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