Qantas updates the iconic logo, aiming to a modern rebranding


Qantas has been taking preparation to welcome the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. On that occasion, Australia’s flag carrier airline has unveiled updates to its iconic kangaroo logo.

First introduced in 1944, it was only the fifth update received by the red-and-white logo seen on the tail of the company’s aircraft. The last update was made at the time of the Airbus A380’s addition to the fleet in 2007. The Boeing Dreamliner will join the fleet a year from now.

Alan Joyce, the CEO of Qantas Group, unveiled the new logo design in a gathering of around 1,000 employees and guests in Sydney. He also revealed the new Economy seats and Business Suites going to be introduced in the upcoming 787-9 Dreamliner.

Mr Joyce said that the kangaroo image is not just a logo, but it has become the spirit of Australia during its representation of Qantas through these years. According to him, the reason behind the latest updates was to repurpose the brand into something more modern and dynamic while keeping up the familiar spirit that makes their customers feel at home.

qantas logo updates

Photo Credit: Qantas

Mr Joyce added that updating the logo design at the time of introducing a game-changing new aircraft has become a tradition since the introduction of the Lockheed Constellation in 1947. He also emphasised that a fresh update would make it easier for the airline to enter a new era of technology and standard of service.

Marc Newson, the consultant designer of Qantas, oversaw the new design in partnership with Australian design agency Houston Group. He said that the challenge was to redesign the logo in a way so that it retains the brand’s tradition along with helping it to move forward. Mr Newson was involved in a handful of design projects for Qantas including the iconic Skybed, the A380 cabin, and the lounges.


Photo Credit: Qantas

The new updates in the logo and overall design include changing the typography for the word ‘Qantas’ and imprinting it on the belly along with the side of the aircraft, introducing a silver band that stretches from the tail to the fuselage’s backside, and featuring the classic winged kangaroo under the cockpit window too. All the design details have become more sleek and smooth to create a cleaner, modern look.

The updated logo and designs will be gradually introduced across the Qantas network from October 27.

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