Canberra to host the world’s only ‘mindful triathlon’ Wanderlust


Triathlon has gained traction in recent years, and you may often hear about such tournaments taking place here and there. However, a ‘mindful triathlon’ definitely sounds interesting, and Aussies should get excited because it is coming to Canberra!

Billed as the world’s first and only ‘mindful triathlon’, Wanderlust 108’s first competition took place in the heart of the New York City in 2014. The combination of yoga, meditation, and a five-kilometre run drew huge attention and over 10,000 participants joined the event. Organisers expanded it to more than 30 cities in 2016 after the overwhelming response in the first season.

The upcoming even in Canberra will be held on November 19. Participants will do a 5km run, take part in a 90-minute yoga class, and follow a guided 30-minute meditation orchestrated by the top instructors at Stage 88 in Commonwealth Park.


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The non-competitive nature of the triathlon has made it accessible to everybody. Anyone looking forward to having some fun and spending quality yoga time can join it. You can check in any time between 8.30am and 10am but early check-in is recommended. The snack time is on 9am when you will go to the Mindful Market to have some light eats or grab a cup of coffee.

The 5km run will be started from 10am. Run, walk, or do whatever you want, just make it to the finish line. The yoga class time is between 12pm and 1.15pm. Top instructors will take the class where you will get to find your rhythm with DJ-powered exercises.


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The final part of the triathlon is a 30-minute guided meditation from 1.15pm to 1.45pm that will refresh your mind and relax your body. However, that’s not all! You still have the chance of grabbing snacks or lunch at the Kombucha Garden.

Visit Wanderlust to get the ticketing information and everything about the complete line-up.

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