Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority steps up their game with a global campaign


As the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Abu Dhabi is blessed with both cultural and natural diversity. The Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority (TCA Abu Dhabi) decided to capitalise on those assets, and thereby released a promotional campaign worldwide for those interested in exploring the region’s diverse natural assets and cultural authenticity.

The campaign features commercials and videos that capture Abu Dhabi’s ‘extraordinary stories.’ The snaps have been taken across 40 locations seizing landmarks, landscapes, deserts, coastline, and authentic moments in digital frames.

TCA Abu Dhabi’s Chairman, His Excellency Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak, said that the campaign is a kind of history lesson for the audience, guiding them from the emirate’s ancient past to its modern wonders. He hoped that it would inspire travellers to experience Abu Dhabi’s diversity and be a part of it.


Photo Credit: Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority

Mr Al Mubarak also sees it as business opportunities as the campaign promotes Abu Dhabi’s famous family-leisure entertainment spots too. According to him, the potential visitors will experience the unfolding of the stories told in the campaign.

The campaign features a two-series TV commercial that will be promoted by broadcasting across in-flight entertainment systems, digital channels, and TV networks. A series of five promotional videos are currently in production, which will be showed in various events, roadshows, and exhibitions.


Photo Credit: Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority

His Excellency Saif Saeed Ghobas, the Director General of TCA Abu Dhabi, said that the campaign rolled out worldwide from November 1. He said that they would gradually promote it through different market channels ranked according to travel booking and other factors.

Visit the official website Visit Abu Dhabi to know more about the new campaigns, and watch the TV commercial, videos, and inspiriting photographs.

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