Flinders Island is ready to welcome visitors with its hidden gems


With the holiday season approaching near, Aussies are busy planning their travel itineraries and packing their bags. While many people will head toward the known and popular destinations, a significant number of people look for hidden gems untrodden by hoards of enthusiastic tourists.

Australia has many hidden gems and Flinders Island is one of them. The underestimated corner in the country, with its untouched landscape, is waiting to welcome travellers with its scenic beauty and a wide variety of regionally produced and wildly sourced food, wine, and coffee.

Tucked in between a cluster of small islands in Bass Strait, northeast of Tasmania, Flinders Island is the largest island in the Furneaux Group. The lace has been almost under-the-radar expect for some conservationists, birdwatchers, and expert travellers.


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However, the island is now ready to welcome everyone willing to explore its pristine beauty and palatable food. The place has rugged mountains that are perfect for a day trek, pristine beaches edged by turquoise water and invaded by birds, and picture-perfect sunsets. Besides, you are surely going to love its budding food and wine industries that adhere to the garden-to-plate philosophy. You’ll get to taste succulent crayfish, wallaby, dry aged beef, lamb, organic fruits and vegetables, local honey, hot sauce, and pure, filtered rainwater.

Flinders Island is going to launch an annual Crayfish Festival in March next year, where the guests will get to enjoy delicious crayfish paired with fine quality wine and gin, bonfires, and local music. Australia’s best chefs will prepare the dishes live on the backdrop of the island’s raw, fierce natural beauty.


Photo Credit: Wanderlust Union

Flinders Island is an excellent gateway whether you are planning for a hiking trip, spending some quality time watching birds and swimming in beaches, or enjoying a restorative vacation. Go to Visit Flinders Island to get more information about the little island.

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