Budget Aviation to integrate Scoot and Tigerair into a single brand


Budget Aviation Holdings Pte Ltd is working toward repurposing its brand. Working on that goal, the company announced on Friday, November 4, to mere its two budget airlines Scoot and Tigerair into one single brand next year.

The company hopes that the brand integration and single operating licence, which it expects to be completed between the mid and end of 2017, for the merged airlines will provide the guests with more seamless travel experience.

The company expects to run their full operation considering the operational, commercial, and regulatory aspects, after the brand integration by the end of 2017. Goh Choon Phong, the Chairman of the Budget Aviation Holdings, said that the integration of Tigerair and Scoot has made good progress since the company’s transformation into a common holding company in May.


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According to Mr Phong, the integration has already started bringing success for both the airlines. He thinks a common brand identity will help both the airlines to grow and their customers to enjoy a seamless travel experience.

Lee Lik Hsin, the CEO of Budget Aviation Holdings, said that both Scoot and Tigerair had enabled the company to be a transformative force in the budget airline industry. Scoot is world’s first all-787 Dreamliner operator. It has become the best low cost airline in Asia/Pacific for two years and marketer of the year for three times. On the contrary, Tigerair has a prominent network and great market presence in Southeast Asia.


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Mr Hsin thinks that a single brand touchpoint will help Tigerair to grow under the already strong brand of Scoot.

Scoot and Tigerair operate their flights in more than 16 countries across Asia Pacific. The airlines combinedly offer services to 59 destinations.

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