World Expeditions acquires baggage carrying service Sherpa Van


No more carrying your baggage while walking on the trails! Take World Expeditions Travel Group’s any walking trip in Britain and get rid of the burden of carrying week’s luggage while walking down the trails.

The leading Australian adventure travel company acquires Sherpa Van, a UK-based baggage transfer service. The Sherpa Van provides baggage transfer service for walkers on the popular Coast to Coast Trek and all of the major walking trails in Britain.

The luggage moving service collects the baggage every morning and delivers them to the walkers’ next stop. It’s a big relief for the trekkers as they can walk just with a day pack. The service gains traction gradually as more and more travellers prefer the option of not carrying a heavy backpack while trekking through Britain’s countryside.


Photo Credit: ETV Travel News

Sue Badyari, the CEO of World Expeditions, sounded excited about their new acquisition. She said that the new service would provide a comfortable experience to the walkers taking any of fully serviced walking holiday trips in Britain run by World Expeditions.

According to Ms Badyari, more and more people are becoming interested in participating longer walks. For example, the iconic Coast to Coast Trek features 300km walking trails across the country covering tiny village, small rolling hills, etc. However, not everyone is capable of carrying the luggage through such a long trail. So, the introduction of the service will make the trails accessible to all levels of trekkers as long as they are fit to carry their day pack.


Photo Credit: World Expeditions

Ms Badyari thinks that the baggage carrying service will allow their travellers to enjoy their walk and the scenic beauty of the British countryside even more.

Visit World Expeditions website to get further information about the new service.

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