Queensland Tourism expects more visitors with ‘I know just the place’ campaign


Tourism and Events Queensland is going to launch a campaign that is likely to draw more global travellers than ever before to visit Queensland.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, the Premier of Queensland, thinks that the state’s tourism can fare better than its current statistics. More than 22.5 million people spent $20 billion while visiting Queensland last year, but she thinks that there’s still scope for improvements.

Ms Palaszczuk said that their target is to build on those numbers so that local businesses and organisations can get more profits. She said that Queensland needs an additional 20,000 jobs by 2020 besides the 220,000 jobs that the tourism industry supports right now. She sees the ‘I know just the place’ campaign as a foundation to fill up that target by attracting more visitors.

Ms Palaszczuk is aware that global tourists have already either visited or known about the state’s splendid beaches or the iconic Great Barrier Reef. So, the $90 million campaign will focus and promote the state’s unique attractions that tourists are unlikely to experience at anywhere else in the world. For example, there’s hardly any place in the world where you can walk through underground lava tubes, dive with turtles, or watch the sunrise at a beach accompanying by kangaroos.

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Kate Jones, the Tourism Minister of Queensland, said that they did extensive research before developing the campaign to find out what travellers want these days. According to her, travellers throughout the world seek for unique and authentic experiences, which work in their favour because Queensland is filled with unique natural attractions and unforgettable experiences.

The campaign will highlight the exclusive natural assets and experiences of the state with the locals who run them because only the locals know where and how to enjoy these experiences to the fullest.

The TEQ also creates a new brand image that will be featured on all the upcoming consumer activities. Along with the campaign, the organisation has planned to organise another 22 new major events.

The first phase of the campaign was launched on November 27 featuring locals and 25 locations across the state. From early next year, it will gradually be rolled out to major international markets.

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However, opposition leader Tim Nicholls criticised the timing of launching the campaign. He did not find releasing the campaign just before Charismas a wise move as the travellers have already planned their trips and made their bookings.

Visit Queensland to get more information about the campaign and share your favourite experiences with TEQ.

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