Why Yukon should be the next destination for your family vacation


Gone are the days when a family holiday used to mean spending a week in a family-friendly beach resort or some popular tourist destinations. Parents nowadays are more interested in taking their kids off the beaten tracks to seek exclusive cultural experiences and wilderness adventures in less known destinations.

Canada’s Yukon Territory is ideal for such a family vacation. Tucked in the country’s northwest region, the wild place has unique appeal with its own kind of attractions – mountains, national parks, glaciers, trails, and the Alsek River.

The Tourism Yukon has given five reasons why Yukon is the perfect place for your next family holiday:

yukon family vacation

Photo Credit: Tourism Yukon

Hiking and Picnics – Yukon is dotted with trails and your kids will have an unforgettable experience after spending a summer day hiking and picnicking on one of the iconic trails around the Wilderness City, aka the capital city of Whitehorse. You can also go to the Kluane National Park and enjoy the free guided hikes at Miles Canyon.

Sledding – Winter in Yukon is always charming as you can just snuggle up under the night sky and enjoying the dancing northern lights while sipping hot chocolate. However, your kids will really enjoy their first sledding experience, as a team of frisky dogs driving your sled across a frozen lake does not happen every day!

Road Trip – The 5000km of scenic and tranquil Yukon highways will redefine the definition of family road trips. Just hire an RV and drive your way through a region where the summer sun seldom sets.

Horse Riding – No experience needed! Just pick your ride outside Whitehorse and end the day by taking a splash at the natural Takhini Hot Springs!

Historical Tour – Take a history lesson about the Klondike Gold Rush days in the historic Dawson City. Relive the gold frenzy in 1898 while watching the historic buildings or walking across the wooden boardwalks.

yukon family vacation

Photo Credit: Tourism Yukon

You can take an Air Canada flight to go to Vancouver from Sydney and Brisbane. Daily commercial flights will take you from Vancouver to Whitehorse within just two and a half hours. Visit Travel Yukon for more information about booking guided tours and hiring RVs or cars.

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