Regional Tourism is set to receive a huge tourism fund


The NSW Government launched the new Regional Tourism Fund on Friday, December 2. The tourism industry of the Regional NSW is set to receive an enormous grant of $13 million.

Stuart Ayres, the Minister for Trade, Tourism and Major Events, said that the Fund replaced the preceding RVEF or the Contestable Regional Visitor Economy Fund. The current one gives the operators the options of two different programs for product development and marketing support.

Mr. Ayres said that the Fund would strengthen the already booming tourism industry that experienced the highest growth in the number of visitors recorded all around regional Australia. The $13 million grant, which will be available in 2019, will provide an additional 2.5 million to the regional visitor economy investment.

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Photo Credit: Destination NSW

Mr. Ayres said that a bigger fund would support more projects and create more jobs. The operators will now be able to spend more for improving infrastructure and accommodation, resulting in driving more visitors and increasing overnight visitation.

Sandra Chipchase, the Chief Executive Officer of Destination NSW, confirmed that the new Fund would be open throughout the year, unlike the previous RVEF. With simpler online application process and extensive criteria for assessments, the operators can now apply for the Fund any time. Besides, Mrs. Chipchase ensured a faster assessment process too.


Photo Credit: Destination NSW

Mrs. Chipchase said that she had encouraged the regional tourism industry operators to make good use of the opportunity. The additional funding could be critical in drawing more visitors to destinations across the beautifully diverse NSW.

If you want to know more about the funding programs and their guidelines, check the Regional Tourism Fund page of the Destination NSW.

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