Ink to produce Qatar Airways’ in-flight publication


In a new partnership deal with Ink, Qatar Airways has given the renowned British company the responsibility of producing their in-flight publication, Oryx Magazine.

Ink, one of the preeminent travel media businesses in the world, will re-launch the Oryx Magazine with a brand new, elegant design including a few touches of modern style. The magazine is expected to reflect and enhance the unique flying experiences that the airline is committed to providing its passengers.

The monthly magazine will be published on January 1, 2017. It will be available in the award-winning airline’s fleet of 191 aircraft.


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Ms. Salam Al Shawa, the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications in Qatar Airways, expressed her delight over their partnership with Ink. She hoped that the travel media company would deliver its best by incorporating its experience of creating inspiring and award-winning content.

Ms. Al Shawa confirmed that the magazine would be available in all the cabins of their aircraft during flights. She hoped that the publication would contribute to enhancing the onboard experience of the guests.

Ink’s joint CEO, Michael Keating, said that they found it the perfect time to work with an airline like Qatar Airways considering they are ever expanding their network. He hoped that their unique concept, creative flair, stylish photography, and original storytelling would help Oryx Magazine to complement the airline’s premier services.


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Mr. Keating said that the magazine would help the airline’s adventure-seeking, wealthy customers find out how to experience the best of the world in the perfect way.

Ink currently has a portfolio of 29 magazines in 10 different languages. It works for some of the world’s best and largest travel, railway, and airline companies. Currently, their productions reach to more than 775 million people every year.

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