Red Rock Holiday Park offers guests an aboriginal history lesson with a guided walk


The North Coast Holiday Parks (NCHP) Red Rock is a favourite holiday spot. The gusts at the park this month got an exclusive chance to experience an Aboriginal Cultural Walk.

The park partnered with the local indigenous community to offer their guests an unforgettable experience in this holiday season. Local Elder Uncle Mark Flanders guided over 30 park goers and local community members for a walk to Jewfish Point.

The Red Rock Holiday Park has a prosperous cultural history for the members of the Aboriginal community living on Gumbaynggirr land.

Mr. Flanders said that he thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity of guiding the walk and schooling the participants about the local aboriginal history. The man has wide knowledge of the environmental values and cultural importance of the area.


Photo Credit: Coff’s Coast

According to Mr. Flanders, he narrated various stories to educate the walkers about the area’s indigenous history. He also showed native medicines and bush foods found in the area to the guests to give them an idea about the Gumbaynggirr people’s way of life.

The NCHP Red Rock is currently in an ongoing partnership with Wetland Care Australia. Both the organisations are running the ‘Can Do Campers’ program under this partnership, and the Cultural Walk was a part of that program.

Geoff and Kylie Wruck, the Managers of the NCHP Red Rock, said that the park could offer its guests a great holiday experience because of the program. According to them, the Wetland Care Australia approached them about the program and they showed immense interest and enthusiasm. They considered the Red Rock the perfect place for hosting such an event because of its cultural, environmental, and natural diversity.


Photo Credit: NSW Crown Holiday Parks Trust

There will also be summer events under the ‘Can Do Campers’ program. People interested in taking part in those events, can visit North Coast Holiday Parks for booking a spot.

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