Virgin Australia surprises guests with Christmas dinner and gifts


Virgin Australia arranged a surprise for their passengers who took either of the two flights that entirely skip Christmas every year.

People who board the airline’s VA2 and VA8 flights at the Los Angeles International Airport on Christmas Eve can’t meet the Santa Claus because of the international time zone. The day 25th December has been completely erased from their life that year.

However, the airline didn’t want the guests to miss the fun entirely when the whole world was enjoying hot roast dinners with family and friends. So, they decked the two planes with Christmas trees, tinsels, and treats for the guests who boarded those flights on Christmas Eve.


Photo Credit: AUSBT

The passengers could not believe their eyes after seeing the pleasant Christmas surprise. The crew served the passengers a full turkey dinner with chestnut stuffing, green beans, mashed potato, and cranberry sauce.

The guests went to sleep after the mind-blowing Christmas dinner, but the surprise didn’t end there. The amazing crew of the planes walked through the aisles and left Christmas gifts for everyone in the Velocity Frequent Flyer stocking hanging off their seatback.

Sponsored by Velocity and its partners, the guests received chocolates and other gifts filled to the brim of their stocking. The Velocity members of Virgin Australia received something extra and special – upgrade of membership!


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It seems that those guests were on St. Nicholas’ ‘nice’ list this year. So, he rewarded them by upgrading their flyer membership to the next level. Every Red Velocity member received the Silver status, Silver received Gold, Gold received Platinum, and the Platinum members received 100,000 extra points.

You can enjoy the Christmas experience in a video uploaded on their YouTube channel.

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