Tourism boosts Noosa economy with a record yield from visitor expenditure


The Tourism Research Australia’s latest visitor statistics brought all good news for the regional tourism industries. Noosa is another region that reaps the benefits of its growing tourism industry.

According to the latest statistics featuring data for the year ending in September 2016, the Tourism Noosa experienced soaring growth in all the variables of visitor economy. The expenditure by the visitors reached a record 36.3% increase while the number of interstate visitors and nights spent by them increased by 50.4% and 49%, respectively.

Damien Massingham, the CEO of Tourism Noosa, said that statistics of both the domestic and international visitor growth feature incredible figures. By indicating to the surge in total domestic visitor number, spent nights, and expenditure, he said that these results are extremely positive for the economy of Noosa.


Photo Credit: Tourism Noosa

The Tourism Noosa has experienced increase in both the numbers of domestic visitors and nights for the sixth consecutive quarter. Besides, Queensland and the Sunshine Coast also experienced rise in these numbers during the same period.

Mr. Massingham thought that the comprehensive campaigns undertaken by the Tourism Noosa had delivered the results and thereby boosted the economy of the city. He lauded the local tourism industry for delivering exceptional service. Many local businesses also made new investments to revamp and upgrade their products for the visitors.


Photo Credit: Set Square

Over the last year, the tourism sector contributed a huge $940 million to the city’s economy. Mr. Massingham hoped that the tourism industry would perform even better in 2017 with the bumper summer season coming up and a number of exciting marketing announcements.

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