Technical problem in a Qantas flight keeps passengers stranded in Dubai


The New Year must have started on a good note for you, but not for those disgruntled Qantas passengers who were stranded in Dubai for three days!

A total of 480 passengers had to discard their New Year’s Eve plans after one of the A380 Airbuses, which was supposed to fly them back to Australia, suffered a technical problem and grounded at the Dubai International Airport. It happened three days ago before the New Year and the final 80 passengers of that QF2 flight finally landed Australia this afternoon.

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A spokesperson for Qantas told News Corp Australia that the QF2 flight landed into Sydney at 1:15 pm on January 2. The staff said that the aircraft was placed back into the regular schedule after the technical issue had been resolved. The person also ensured that all the passengers of that flight were now in Sydney, and the last 80 passengers who arrived today were upgraded as a compensation for their unfortunate experience.

Qantas put up the passengers of that affected flight in hotels while their engineers tried to resolve the problem. They sent some of them back to Australia on other airlines as well as alternative Qantas services.

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The airline issued a statement on the weekend saying that they would send all the passengers back to Australia within 24 hours. However, only a few passengers were lucky enough to go home after one day.

The passengers vented their frustrations and anger on social media, especially on Twitter. Many passengers were disappointed because they had to fly to Doha because the alternate services did not have any direct flights back to Australia.

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