Will mobile apps destroy Vietnam’s motorcycle taxi drivers?


The motorcycle taxis are a common form of transport in Vietnam. Thousands of people are involved in this profession to provide local people and tourists quick and fast transportation anywhere in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, and other cities. However, the popularity of online apps such as Uber and Grab has threatened the livelihoods of these traditional drivers.

Uber in an online app that allows users to rent and book cars, taxis, and other means of transportation online. It is an international company that runs its operation in many countries in the world. On the other hand, Grab is a Singaporean transport app, which is widely popular in Southeast Asia.

The growing popularity of these apps in the last two years has made life easier of tourists and local people. But, they have also put the traditional motorcycle taxi drivers in Vietnam under threat.

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Many tourists prefer these apps for the convenience of booking the service with a smartphone and knowing the price in advance to negotiating the price with the taxi drivers.

Grab and Uber recruited many existing taxi and motorcycle drivers but many of them refused to join the companies. The News.com reported that many drivers are unwilling to learn the new technologies required to join these companies. Many experienced drivers, who know the cities like the back of their hand, consider them too old to learn how to use a smartphone or don’t have enough money to buy one.

On the other hand, lots of drivers refuse the job offers because they don’t want to share a percentage of the earnings with these companies. Some drivers also refuse them saying that these companies play dirty by appointing inexperienced drivers and lowering the prices to an unhealthy level.

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The traditional motorcycle drivers have already seen a dramatic decline in their income. As Vietnam has been growing popular as a new tourist destination, these drivers have to find a way to cope up with the changing times if they don’t want to switch to another profession.

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