Tourism Authority of Thailand expects more tourism revenue increase in 2017


Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) expects to continue their revenue growth in 2017 too. After a successful year in 2016 when the revenue totalled a record US$46 billion, 12% up from 2015, the authority hopes 2017 to excel that figure.

The appeal of Thailand has been growing continuously as a quality leisure destination. With the rise in visitor number, its tourism revenue has also increased at a surprising rate. Compared to 2015, the American tourists grew by more than 13% while it was almost 10% up in the case of European visitors in the year 2016.

Photo Credit: Tourism Authority of Thailand

Rujiras Chatchalermkit, the Director of TAT Sydney, said that they had changed their focus from budget tourism to become a destination for high-end tourism. TAT has now shifted their marketing focus on luxury tourism that offers immersive experiences such as eco-tourism, wellness retreats, agro-tourism, and culinary experiences. According to Mr. Chatchalermkit, such a shifting of focus has shifted the growth from visitor numbers to tourism revenue.

The demise of Bhumibol Adulyadej, the King of Thailand, on October 13, 2016, brought a pause in the country’s year-round festivities. However, it was just temporary as everything – festivals, events, and nightlife – is going as usual.

Photo Credit: Tourism Authority of Thailand

In fact, the death of the beloved King rather cast light on many of his achievements. People are taking interests in his Royal Projects, which the tourism board describes as a great way for the visitors to make a grassroots connection with the diverse population in the country.

For Australian travellers, visiting Thailand has become easier than before as many major airlines operate direct and indirect flights. Currently, Aussies can take advantage of more than 800 indirect and over 60 direct flights that fly from Australia to Phuket or Bangkok every week.

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