Qantas celebrates Australia in a new in-flight safety video


Australian airline Qantas has lifted the curtain over their new in-flight safety video at a morning event in Los Angeles. The airline has not featured any celebrity figure in the video. Instead, the whole country with its beautiful landscapes and locations take centre stage.

The flag carrier airline of Australia has aptly covered all the iconic activities in the country in their video. The 6-minute video is an evolution of the airline’s in-flight safety video in 2016.

The new film shows ordinary Australians in the unique destinations across the country. You will see several beautiful places ranging from the Moreton Island’s sand surfing to the Victorian ski fields and cameo appearances including artists in a Bangarra dance performance, designer Daniel Avakian, and the crew from Wild Oats XI.

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The airline will not only use the video for in-flight safety but also for promoting the destinations representing the country’s major tourism markets. Alan Joyce, the CEO of Qantas, said that their target was to produce a video that is informative as well as engaging.

According to Mr Joyce, the video teaches them featuring something interesting catches the attention of viewers more quickly. He also considered it as a copybook tourism ad that showcases a perfect combination of the country’s beautiful landscape and people.

The Australian tourism industry has been working relentlessly to find new ways to reach new audiences. As a partner of Tourism Australia, Qantas will use the latest production to attract new visitors from around the world.

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Mr Joyce said that they hoped the video to grab the attention of both international and domestic travellers.

The state tourism organisations and Tourism Australia also worked with Qantas for the production of the video. It was shot in various destinations including Uluru, Darwin, Hobart, Sydney Harbour, St Kilda Pier, and more in a 12-day period.

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