The Royal Jordanian airline takes another jab at Trump’s travel ban


The Royal Jordanian Airlines (RJ) has taken another jab at the travel ban on the Muslims proposed by Donald Trump, the president of the United States. It offers a new airfares promotion to US cities with a cheeky post on Twitter.

During the US presidential election period in November 2016, the airline made headlines by taking a bold swipe at Mr Trump’s proposed ban on the Muslims from entering the US. It made a promotion post on their social media account by saying that people should visit the US when they are still allowed to.

Now, the airline made another mocking advertising post after the Appeals Court had kept Mr Trump’s travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries ban halted. Its Twitter post invites people to visit the USA while they’re still allowed to! The mocking post includes an image featuring their discounted prices and the word ‘Ban,’ which has been edited to read ‘bon voyage!’

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The RJ airline operates flights from Jordan to three US cities – New York, Detroit, and Chicago. It is from the Muslim-majority kingdom of Jordan, which is not one of those seven countries on which the Trump administration attempted to impose an immigration ban.

The Trump administration ordered a 90-day travel ban on the nationals from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, and Somalia. It also suspended the country’s refugee program, citing terrorism concerns.

Although the travel ban is yet to be implemented, it has already affected the country’s travel industry. Forward Keys, a trends company that analyses data to track different trends, said that there has already been a drop in business travel and searches for travel to America.

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According to the data published by the company, the international bookings of flights to the USA has already been 6.5% down compared to the similar period last year. To be more precise, the bookings from Middle Eastern countries is almost 37.5% down.

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