British Airways flight grounded in Ireland for downloading the wrong map


A mistake over the map has kept a business class plane of the British Airways stranded in Ireland. The small A318 Airbus was bound from London to New York. The inexperienced airline engineers downloaded the wrong map assuming that the BA1 flight was heading for Europe.

The misunderstanding took place because it was a small plane, which the engineers thought to be bound for a European destination. However, it was an all-business flight that runs once a day from the London City to New York City’s JFK Airport. It is the only A318 Airbus that flies in that route.

Photo Credit: The Sun

The flight generally takes a fuel stoppage in Ireland when the passengers also get the time for pre-clearing US immigration before heading towards New York. However, it was a different scenario when the plane landed into Shannon on Friday for fuelling up.

The pilots realised that wrong maps had been loaded on the aircraft. They tried to download the New York map but could not correct the mapping data.

The silly mistake left dozens of passengers stranded in the Irish town. The passengers took to the social media to express their reactions to this rather funny situation. One passenger mockingly said that they could not fly back to London because of having too much fuel and they could not travel to New York because they have no map!

Photo Credit: British Airways

The British Airways arranged for overnight hotel stays for the stranded passengers. A spokesman for the airline apologised to the passengers in a statement.

The flight eventually set off the next day.

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