Park Hyatt Melbourne includes an exclusive dining event at the 2017 Melbourne Food & Wine Festival


Park Hyatt Melbourne includes an event at the 2017 Melbourne Food & Wine Festival where all the guests will get the chance of enjoying a rare dining experience. The An Autumn Harvest at the Park event will take place on Wednesday, April 5, 2017, at radii restaurant & bar.

The guests will be entertained with the season’s fresh ingredients, best-kept secrets, and the best-quality local Australian wines. The event will celebrate the journey of food items and wines from farm to plate and grape to glass. The expert winemakers will also join the event and share their stories and expertise.

Photo Credit: Park Hyatt Melbourne

Hyatt’s Chef de Cuisine Tyson Gee and Executive Chef Dane Clouston will serve a mouth-watering menu, which is full of different flavours. Mr Gee hoped that the event would inspire more chefs to work with their suppliers to grow their knowledge and passion about the entire system that runs from the farm to the plate served to a customer.

According to Mr Gee, they build their menu around the best produce of the season. Then, Hyatt’s chefs work on how to enhance the food so that customers get the best experience every time they dine in a Hyatt restaurant.

Photo Credit: Park Hyatt Melbourne

Visit the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival to book your tickets for the event. The price is $150 per person, and the guests will get to enjoy a sharing style dinner, wine, beer, and beverages.

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