Qantas customers to enjoy Netflix, Foxtel, and Spotify contents on board


Qantas has made deals with three large content partners to offer their customers a range of entertainment options while they are using in-flight Wi-Fi.

With new partnerships with Netflix, Foxtel, and Spotify, the Qantas passengers will now be able to enjoy their favourite shows, listen to their favourite songs, and won’t miss any live action including sports, live concerts, or something else.

The Wi-Fi enabled domestic flights of Qantas offer ten times faster data speed than traditional in-flight Wi-Fi. The airline will provide their passengers the option of audio and video streaming from late February this year when the service will be switched on its first domestic aircraft. The rest of the domestic fleet will offer the service from the mid-2017.

The nbn Sky Master satellite service has made possible the faster Wi-Fi speed. The company uses upgraded technology and has 101 spot beams throughout Australia.

Olivia Wirth, the Executive of Brand, Marketing, and Corporate Affairs of Qantas Group, said that the passengers on board would now have access to a vast range of content with the fast, free Internet.

According to Ms Wirth, they launched the Wi-Fi service thinking that people would use it mostly for general web browsing, email checking, and online shopping. However, they noticed that many people loved the option of watching TV shows and movies.

Ms Wirth said that their customers would now experience no shortage of entertainment on board as Netflix, Foxtel, and Spotify have huge, ever-growing catalogues.

Regular users have to purchase subscription services from Netflix, Foxtel, and Spotify to gain access to their catalogues. However, the Qantas passengers will enjoy free access that will last from three days to one month after their flight.

Passengers don’t need to sign up for a subscription to access the Foxtel contents, but both Netflix and Spotify require them to sign up for a free subscription.

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