Qantas to ditch window shutters in their new Dreamliners


Arguments between passengers about pulling down the window shutters are a common scenario in most of the flights. However, one airline is going to put an end to that source of the evergoing scuffle.

There will always be someone on a flight who won’t pull down the window shutter despite seeing everyone else in the row trying to get some sleep during the long flight. Qantas, the flag carrier airline of Australia, will end the dilemma by adding some planes to their fleet that don’t have any window shutters.

Qantas has ordered eight 787-9 Dreamliners that won’t have any window shutters. Starting to operate from December this year, those planes will have windows that can be electronically dimmed.

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A design researcher at The Boeing Company, Rachelle N. Ornan-Stone, explained that the windows would have five dimmable layers. Even the darkest option will allow a person to peek outside without disturbing others who want to sleep.

A button at the bottom of the windows will control the dimming options, but the flight attendants will also have controls over them via a button in the cabin control centre. According to Ms Ornan-Stone, the flight attendants will have access to every window.

Ms Ornan-Stone said that they wanted to ensure an uninterrupted sleep for everyone who intends to sleep without being worried about light coming out of the windows.

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However, the dimmable feature is not the only interesting thing about the windows on those Dreamliners. According to Ms Ornan-Stone, they are twenty-five percent larger than the ones present in the aircraft of Qantas’ competitors. Besides, they are positioned such a way so that the passengers in the middle seat don’t need to stretch out their neck to look out the window.

The Dreamliners will fly between Melbourne and Los Angeles after their launch in December. They will also start flights from Perth to London from March 2018.

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