‘We Are Gold Coast’ inspires travellers to experience Gold Coast differently


The Gold Coast Tourism launches a new platform with a bold message to inspire travellers to explore the unique experiences that the region has to offer.

The brand new We Are Gold Coast is a multi-million dollar destination platform that will work on the mission of revealing the ‘real’ Gold Coast to the visitors. Travellers these days prefer experiencing some unique, unforgettable moments to visiting the iconic spots and monuments.

We Are Gold Coast will emphasise on those activities that will help people enjoying a holiday of their own filled with loving memories. Jan Hutton, Gold Coast Tourism’s Chief Marketing Officer, found the time to be perfect for launching a destination brand that puts travellers and locals at the centre of all activities. The platform will allow the world to experience the energy of the Gold Coast through the eyes of locals.

Photo Credit: Gold Coast Tourism

Under the new platform, the locals will host the travellers and help them to feel the place’s energy and spirit. According to Mr Hutton, travellers nowadays prefer establishing a deeper connection to the people and other things of their destination. He said that most people don’t visit Gold Coast for its beaches or theme parks but for its life-affirming energy that makes them feel alive.

The City of Gold Coast’s Mayor, Cr Tom Tate, expressed his confidence that the community would embrace the initiative. Steven Ciobo, the Federal Minister for Trade, Tourism, and Investment, considered the brand as a great platform for sharing the energy and passion of the local lifestyle.

Photo Credit: Gold Coast Tourism

The new destination platform is part of a broader marketing strategy of the Gold Coast Tourism. Mr Hutton said that they were expecting it to contribute immensely to the growing visitor economy of the city.

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