Aurora Expeditions celebrates their female staff this International Women’s Day


Aurora Expeditions, the adventure travel expert that offers Antarctic and Arctic cruises and trips by ship into the wilderness areas of the world, recognises the contributions of their female expedition team members ahead of the International Women’s Day.

The female team members of the tour agency have been working across a range of destinations and extreme environments. They have been playing different roles in the team including expedition leaders, geologists, climbing guides, polar diving guides, historians, and more. Now, the company has decided to showcase the dedication and incredible skills of them in recognition of the Women’s Day on March 8.

The company currently has more than 30 female expedition staff members, and the number is steadily growing. According to Amanda Hill, the Expedition Executive of Aurora Expeditions, said that the role of women staff has been becoming more crucial than ever before onboard their expeditions.

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Ms Hill said that the female members secure their place in the team with their knowledge and experience, and their expertise covers a broad range of areas – everything from glaciology to whale biology.

One of the female members is expedition naturalist Heidi Krajewsky. The marine biologist is a director of the Marine and Education Research Society and works as a naturalist in Aurora’s ship Polar Pioneer. According to her, the International Women’s Day celebrates the opportunities created for many women in different parts of the world and at the same time acknowledges the challenges that are still a day-to-day reality for many women.

Biologist Liz Pope works as the Assistant Expedition Leader for the company. According to her, she never takes her position as a biologist working in Antarctica as granted just because she’s a woman. She sees the International Women’s Day as an occasion to celebrate the wonderful contributions of women to this world and to point out the facts that women still have to struggle for basic rights and equal opportunities in many countries.

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Visit the Team page of the Aurora Expeditions to know details about their team members. The travel company operates tours in various destinations including Antarctica, European Arctic, Scotland, Ecuador, Russia, Papua New Guinea, and more and cover a range of adventurous activities. Visit or call at 1300 061 490 to know more about their itineraries.

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