Tourism Whitsundays to receive investment boost in a five-year plan


Kate Jones, the Minister for Tourism, joined a meeting of tourism ministers in Darwin on February 24. She announced the Whitsundays a part of a new tourism investment plan.

Ms Jones told in the meeting that the Whitsundays was ready for growth and investment as an iconic tourism region in Queensland. It means that the collection of islands is going to get a significant cash injection.

Photo Credit: Tourism Whitsundays

The national Regional Tourism Infrastructure Investment Attraction Strategy helps regional tourism industries by bringing economic development in regional Australia. The Whitsundays is the only region in Queensland that has been included in the program. Craig Turner, the CEO of Tourism Whitsundays, thought that the timing of the announcement could not be more perfect.

According to Mr Turner, the visitors to the collection of the islands have grown to a record number. During the last financial year, it carried the highest number of travellers to the Great Barrier Reef. Besides, the tourism industry of the region is looking for bringing 1 million visitors to the GBR Marine Park. He thought that the investment announced by the minister would lead to a new era by improving the economy of the region.

Photo Credit: Tourism Whitsundays

On the other hand, Ms Jones said that they would do everything for encouraging new investment in the Whitsundays. According to her, investment on accommodations and tourist attractions would attract more visitors and develop the local economy.

The investment strategy is a five-year plan that will work for attracting international investors and create local investment opportunities.

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