The 3-day WILDfest offers authentic adventurous experiences


A 3-day Australian festival gives the participants the opportunity to enjoy unique and unforgettable wild adventures. The WILDfest will allow the travellers to explore the vast wilderness and beautiful national parks in the NSW Southern Highlands.

Going to take place between April 21 and 23 this year, the festival will celebrate eco-adventure activities that will give the real taste of wild, natural experiences.

The organisers offer two options to the participants – an all-inclusive premium package or a custom package with the freedom of selecting events, activities, and accommodations based on personal choice.

Photo Credit: WILDfest

The 3-day premium package will introduce a new kind of eco-friendly glamping. You’ll get to enjoy stunning performance art, delectable food, luxury camping with concierge, and a series of adventurous activities including mountain biking, canoeing, abseiling, and hiking. However, if you’re more into spending a leisure-oriented holiday, take advantage of refreshing massage and the WILD bush spa. You have to fill up a questionnaire while booking and the organisers will plan your package based on the responses.

However, you can also customize your package the way you like. You can combine a canoe ride with hand-squeezed juices and canapés or mounting biking during the daytime with a feast in a starlit setting prepared by celebrated chefs at night.

Photo Credit: WILDfest

Amanda Fry, the creator and founder of the WILDfest, said that many travellers now-a-day seek for authentic, real-time experiences. According to her, the WILDfest offers the visitors something more than just a destination coupled with a crafted adventure.

Check out the festival’s eco-adventure programs at It offers expeditions to other remote NSW regions too over the period of the next 12 months.

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