Sri Lanka Climate Fund certifies nine Jetwing Hotels for minimum carbon footprint


The Sri Lanka Climate Fund (SLCF) has awarded nine Jetwing hotels the Carbon Footprint Certification. A total of 162 countries in the world are currently the members of the International Organization for Standardization. They have over 21,000 standards to ensure the quality, and efficiency of systems, services, and products.

The nine Jetwing hotels that received the distinguished award are St. Andrew’s, Ayurveda Pavilions, Beach, Blue, Lagoon, Lighthouse, Sea, Vil Uyana, and Yala.

Fossil fuel electricity is one of the largest sources of CO2 emissions in the world. The Jetwing Hotels have adopted a non-fossil fuel based energy usage and other energy-efficient improvements to reduce their grid electricity consumption.

Currently, renewable energy sources such as biogas, solar thermal, solar electricity, and fuel wood fulfil more than 50% power requirement of the Jetwing Hotels. Chairman of Jetwing Hotels, Hiran Cooray, said that the certification was quite a milestone for the hotel chain. According to Mr Cooray, they have worked hard to utilize the green technology and achieve international standards. The hotel chain has 19 resorts in their inventory, and nine of them are now green-certified.

The Jetwing Hotels Limited has been operating in the Sri Lankan tourism industry for the last 44 years. They believe in offering traditional Sri Lankan hospitality coupled with sustainable and responsible practices to keep the carbon footprint as minimum as possible.

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