United Airlines refuses to carry two female passengers for ‘inappropriate’ clothing


United Airlines has made headlines by refusing two female passengers, including a child, to take on board for wearing leggings.

The American airline prevented two female passengers from boarding a flight from Denver to Minneapolis because of wearing spandex. It’s a popular activewear, but the airline deems it inappropriate for their flights.

The action of policing women’s clothing went viral on social media and gave the airline the 15 minutes of fame but in a negative way. People at first thought that United took that action because the clothing is unsafe as it’s made of a type of stretchy polyurethane fabric. However, the airline later clarified that they made the decision because of the inappropriateness of the dress.

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Since then, people have been criticising the airline harshly for being a moral police. One of those two passengers was a 10-year-old girl, and people questioned how come a kid in leggings looks inappropriate. Author Dana Schwartz mockingly wished good luck to the airline in explaining how a kid looks sexual in spandex.

United responded to the Twitter backlash by saying that a rule in their Contract of Carriage gives them the right to refuse the boarding of any passenger who is not properly clothed or barefoot. However, the comment drew further criticisms from people including actress Patricia Arquette and model Chrissy Teigen.

Ms Teigen wrote that she had flown United’s flights before with just a top as a dress and she would do it again but only with jeans and a scarf that time.

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The airline, at last, tried to handle the situation by saying that those two passengers were United pass riders, meaning either employees or their family member who fly at a discounted rate. They issued a statement to Us Weekly clarifying that those two passengers did not follow the dress code policy for the pass travellers.

Those passengers later boarded the plane after changing their clothes.

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